Girls and boys can join Cubs from the age of 8 and normally move up to Scouts at about 10½. Often children come to us from ‘Beavers’ but equally many join Cubs without having been members before.

We have a different way of doing in Cubs in that most group will meet weekly, instead we meet from 10am-4pm. Normally in Nessciff or Kinnerley Hall.

The pack (the Cubs) if split into sixes with has on average six Cubs in each, these are separated by colours. In each six there is a Sixer (in charge of their six as well as Seconder (this person backs up and helps the Sixer). Obviously these people have a great responsibility within the six.

Much of the programme is geared towards achieving badges or awards, undertaken as a group but Cubs can also obtain badges for activities done individually if suitable evidence is provided e.g. swimming badges these just need to be signed off by relevant people or if done at home by parents/guardians. Details of all the awards can be found in the ‘Cub Scout Powerpack’ – a small book which the Cub will be provided with upon investiture (this is the official welcoming the young person into Cubs) or badge information can be found on the main Scout Cub Scout section of the Scout website

We have a varied programme- recently we have had a sleepover which lasted 2 nights in a bunkhouse during which we were working on two badges, our Book reader and Astronomer badges. However, we have also just completed our fitness challenge which the parents loved as the kids slept well that night 🙂 We are also just about to start our DIY badge.