Badges & Uniform -

We work on a number of activity badges within our monthly meetings but obviously there isn’t anywhere enough time/resources to cover all the badges there are 33! If you have a look in your ‘Cub Powerpack’ book which you were given when you were invested or via the main Scout website.

If there is a badge (and there will be!) that takes your fancy have a look at what you need to, do it, get it signed or get your parent/guardian to tell a leader and you will awarded the relevant badge.

There are another sort of badges as you will see on the website called ‘Staged Activity Badges’ these badges are staged from Beavers all the way through to Explorers-the oldest in the Scout section at 16. So don’t worry if you are at stage 2 for example there is more then enough time to work up to level 5. Again, you just need to look at the criteria, and get someone to sign to say you have completed that level.

Cubs work towards the end goal which is The Chief Scout Silver Award, this is the highest award you can get within Cubs. There is alot of work that goes into it, so is a massive achievement to complete it. You will be supported by your leaders to do this aswell.

These badges get sown onto your jumper so you can show off all your hard work that went into earning those badges. There is specific place where these badges need to get sown and these can be found Cub-Scout-uniform.

If there is any problem, just speak to a leader.