Why are we different? -

1st Shropshire Borders meet once a month as opposed to the traditional weekly meeting. Many parents have found this allows other activities to happen in the week and also allows them to become involved as it is not such a huge weekly commitment.

Each section has its own leaders and follows their own programme of activities. We are also “nomadic” in that we utilise the village halls in North Shropshire between Shrewsbury and Oswestry. We have a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack and Scout Troop catering for boys and girls between 6 and 14.

Daniel Potter (County Commissioner) said in the 2012 Annual report that –

“1st Shropshire Borders has been a roaring success and demonstrates flexible scouting at its best!”

Our Beaver colony grew rapidly from the start. Beavers aged 6 to 8 ½ years love the opportunities to explore the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment and have fun making new friends.

Our Cub Pack aged 8 to 10 ½ years relish the adventure of the great outdoors, learning new independent skills, and developing as part of a team within the Scouting community.

Our Scout Troop continues growing in numbers and are working towards developing more detailed life skills, whether reading a map up a mountain or cooking dinner!